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Micro Ring Hair Extensions

The Micro Loop installation and removal system is the kindest hair extension system available on the market so far.


These lightweight, almost undetectable metal rings are applied to your own hair, the hair extension is then clamped tightly inside the ring holding it securely to your natural hair.


The tiny rings, which are coloured to blend in with your own hair will have no damage on the natural hair. This is a cold method which uses no glues, heat or chemicals of any sort. The rings come in a range of different hair colours and are lined with silicone to provide a comfortable protective and gripping cushion on the hair or without silicone (copper tube).


This method will need maintenance every 6-8 weeks and a rotation after 12 weeks, With micro ring extensions, you can wash, blow-dry, straighten and style your hair as normally as you would if you do not have extensions applied.


Removal is very quick, easy, leaving it in perfectly good condition, it is highly important that they are removed by a hair extension technician to avoid any unnecessary damage to the hair.


Mobile hair extensions service in Berkshire. (please enquire via contact us page).


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